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Massive, Luxurious, European Flooring

Europa Woods’ single-minded focus has been to find, source, and produce a unique collection of the most beautiful, luxurious floors in the world, in sizes, shapes, and custom finishes that will take your breath away.

This dedicated focus has taken Europa Woods on a journey to the far-reaching forests of Europe and Asia in search of, not only suitably massive trees, but also in search of the small lumber mills and master-craftsmen businesses which have the unique expertise and artistry to select, cut, hand-craft, and pre-finish these beautiful woods into truly magnificent floors.

America has never-before seen anything like this magnificent flooring collection.


It’s all about the construction

Flooring this wide and massive requires a special engineering system to ensure maximum stability once the floor is installed.

All Our Europa Woods floors are made using a unique I-beam-like, 3-ply counter-balanced construction; with the top and bottom layers made of the same wood specie and laid longitudinally; and with a proprietary inner core layer of vertical grain “arctic” fir pieces laid perpendicular to the top and bottom layers.

Each of the 3 layers is bonded to the others with a special natural glues (Hence, the I-beam analogy). The magic is within the inner core of the arctic fir, with its flexible resin content, which secures the top and bottom layers firmly, but not with absolute rigidly. This allows the wood to breathe and respond ever-so-gently to changing atmospheric conditions.

This three-ply construction method has become the World standard for structural integrity and has been proven to be significantly more stable than solid wood, plywood construction, or laminate in its ability to minimize shrinking, expansion, and surface cracking.


This is where the beauty of our floors is unmatched. The goal here is to preserve and intensify the natural beauty of the wood for the life of the floor. It is artist’s work.

Since all species of wood age differently and have different cellular composition, we approach the finishing of each wood individually. And because of the extreme size of the flooring boards, most of the application is done by hand, coat-after-coat, until the result is pure perfection, fit for Royalty.

We prefer the look and feel of natural hard-wax oils, but are able to deliver lacquered finishes where requested. We are specialists in the art of replicating the raw look of fresh-cut wood, lightly enhanced with pale white-oil and gray accents.

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