Europa Woods

Europa Woods’ single-minded focus has been to find, source, and produce a unique collection of the most beautiful, luxurious floors in the world. Our sizes, shapes, and custom finishes will take your breath away!

This dedicated focus has taken Europa Woods on a journey to the far-reaching forests of Europe and Asia in search of not only suitably massive trees, but also the small lumber mills and master-craftsmen businesses. All our hand select partners have the unique expertise and artistry to select, cut, hand-craft, and pre-finish these beautiful woods into truly magnificent floors.

The journey ended when Europa Woods found CP Parquet.

CP Parquet

Formerly Crespano Parchetti, CP Parquet is a family business located in the foothills of the Italian Alps. CP Parquet have over 40 years of experience hand-crafting uniquely beautiful, luxurious floors. Floors which have been acclaimed as truly spectacular in over 30 countries around the world.

CP Parquet specializes in the production of the widest and longest engineered flooring on the planet using the most popular species of Oak and Douglas Fir, as well as rarer species like Teak and European Walnut.

You must see these floors to believe how shockingly beautiful they are.

3 Ply

Three layer floorboards provide a double guarantee of stability. The visible top layer and the substrate are both in the same valuable 5mm extra thick wood species. In between is the core, also in real wood. The three layers are crossed and alternated to increase strength and dimensional stability in situ.

The best love stories are those that never end, that make your heart skip a beat just like the first time you met. That’s how it is with wooden floors. They stay with you for a lifetime, withstanding your steps in safety. Your floor stays as attractive as it was when you first saw it in your home and very day you are enthralled by a new detail.


Certification is an extra aid to advising people about floors: it is proof of a commitment to environmental friendliness, protection of consumers’ health and a desire to improve continuously. Clear information about product quality, origins, healthiness and the processing systems used is an essential value to assist making a well-informed choice.

Made in Italy

We are particularly proud that CP Parquet flooring is entirely made in Italy. We express our passion for things well made by applying painstaking care to details.